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  • Newfoundland and Labrador company testing clean tech in Caribbean landfill December 7, 2017 - WTS uses vegetation, soil, and micro-organisms to treat leachate in Trinidad and Tobago. Wherever there’s a landfill, there’s leachate. It’s the liquid that drains or leaches away from a landfill, becoming composed of organic and inorganic materials, heavy metals and pathogens along the way.
  • Canadian diplomat visits Guanapo landfill December 7, 2017 - Canadian High Commissioner to TT Carla Hogan Rufelds, paid a visit recently to SWMCOL’s Guanapo Landfill site to examine the application of Canadian Clean Technology to the treatment of pollutants in landfill leachate. Leachate refers to the liquids percolating through the landfill site that has extracted the soluble and suspended components of the waste.
  • Canadian High Commissioner Visits Wetland Treatment Solutions Landfill Pilot at Guanapo Landfill in Trinidad & Tobago November 20, 2017 - To Whom it may concern, On November 16th 2017 the High Commissioner of Canada to Trinidad & Tobago – Her Excellency Carla Hogan Rufelds – was given a site tour of the Wetland Treatment Solutions (WTS) Landfill Leachate Treatment Pilot Project at the Guanapo Landfill in Trinidad. This pilot project was installed under contract for […]
  • COSIA 2016 Water Conference Presentation March 20, 2016 - MSR Technology™ View PDF The technology of designing bespoke wastewater treatment systems, by balancing the scientific selection of soils and reeds, to promote the optimal environment for microbiological processing to achieve the desired level of treatment and reduce sludge accumulation. The correct design of the specialized matrix is necessary to maintain the intricate interactions between […]

Environmental Wetland Solutions

Oceans-EWS Treatment Limited provides international environmental wetland solutions (MSR Technology reed bed treatment system) for polluted wastewater solutions, industrial waste, contaminated land remediation and consultancy services. The team at Oceans-EWS has developed the theory and design of bio-remediation and wetland systems extensively over the last thirty years.

Featured Case Studies


Hydrocarbon Removal from Oilfield Produced Water: Heglig, Sudan

In 2003, Oceans-EWS partner, UK based Oceans-ESU Ltd, was commissioned by GNPOC to undertake the construction, management and maintenance of reed beds in Heglig, Sudan. The reed beds function as a means to clean produced water by biological treatment removing oil contamination.


Contaminated Water Solutions: Billingham, UK

The 1930s saw the merger of four local chemical companies to form the industrial giant, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). Billingham chemical plant grew to become a multi function organic and fine chemicals production unit. In 1986, when Oceans-ESU Ltd were contacted, ICI had 250 batch manufacturing units spread over 650 hectares.


Remediation: Llanwern Steelworks, UK

Llanwern Steelworks (formerly the Spencer Works) is located in Llanwern, east of the City of Newport, South Wales. Built by Richard Thomas & Baldwin Ltd, the works was originally referred to locally as “The RTB”, before being called Spencer Works and later Llanwern.

The Technology

MSR-Technology™ “Microbial-Soil-Reed Beds” is providing world-leading treatment of industrial wastewaters including hydrocarbons from numerous producing oil fields. All stable processes for treatment of organic contaminants involve the degradation of common and complex compounds with the use of microbial action in either anaerobic or aerobic conditions. Organic wastes provide nutrient for microbial growth.